Partner API

GET api/Partner/Auth?apiKey={apiKey}

This method authenticates for API usage. The connecting partner must provide a client api key to retrieve an access token. The retrieved access token should be temporary stored at client side and must follow all further api calls. The access token is valid for 30 days. After this, a new authentication must be done using the client api key.

POST api/Partner/GetPixelScript

Generates a landing page pixel script to be set in the header of the landing page. The script could be stored as a blob and inserted or injected into the landingpage at loading time. Requires the id for targeting a unique audience, provided from the GetFrantzSegments call

POST api/Partner/GetFrantzSegments

Get required segments for the Frantz pixel script request. The API-call will return a single item if a campaign id is referenced. Otherwise the call will return a list of segment combinations according to the requested segment level, using the following rules:- If you request industries on level 1, only level 1 items will be populated in the response.- If you request categories on level 2, bot level 1 and level 2 items will be populated in the response as they are pre-linked to each other. This is the minimum required level for the Frantz pixel script.- If you request specialities on level 3 - then both level 1,2 and 3 data will be returned for segment combinations already configured by Frantz. If not configured, the returning item will only return a level 3 along with the StyrkKode property and both industry and category will be null for that current segment item. NOTE! If you want to use an alias for the speciality name on level 3 to build your audience by using a more convenient naming of the speciality, this will be allowed as long as you pass the corresponding 4-digit StyrkKode reference to the originating speciality

POST api/Partner/ActivateCampaign

Handle the state of the campaign. Any updates on title text or image url's from banner previews are saved permanently by calling GetPixelScript() with the corresponding feAdId.

POST api/Partner/GetCampaignStatistics

Get statistical data for the campaign. The best practice is to run this call once a day and save the values with a timestamp for when to refresh. Refresh is recommended to be run in the morning some time after 07:00AM as this will ensure that the numbers from the previous day is available. It may take several seconds to generate the statistical data depending on the amount of base data available. E.g. a campaign running at day 4 will naturally have less data than the one running at day 14). It is not recommended to run this call in the UI directly as it will provide poor user experience (wait time). The data returned gives a live view at the point in time when the request is performed. Meta auto-campaign views and clicks will be returned as they the are stored in Meta directly. The report URL in the response will be the same every time for the same campaign and will provide a simplified customer branded insights report in relation to the statistical data returned in the response.



POST api/Banners/Preview

Generate a banner image preview independent of any campaign or landingpage. Any data passed with the Preview() call must be permanently saved calling GetPixelScript() before running ActivateCampaign().

GET api/Banners/Download?pixelId={pixelId}&size={size}&apiToken={apiToken}

Download a banner image. A banner requires at least BannerImageUrl and Title to be passed in with the GetPixelScript call.